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California lottery online

California lottery online allows American customers to play online lottery easily and securely. The consumers can order online certified state lottery tickets in California. The games includes Powerball, Mega Millions and Super lotto-plus. Players are allowed to choose their lucky numbers and play online lottery either alone or form a group and share the winning among the group.

Major Benefits of California Lottery Online

Convenience: You can order authorized lottery tickets online, and you are allowed to choose your favorite numbers. You can have 100 percent of winnings to yourself. Our special agents will take your order and go to the certified lottery store to purchase your ticket for you. Once the draw is announced, and if you are the possible winner we will immediately inform you and we will send your prizes immediately. To take our service, choose subscription option and you can never miss any other draw. We at California lottery online offers same price for the tickets as the store.

Community: You can either play alone or pool your lottery tickets and form a group. You are also permitted to form your own group with your friends to play the game or you can join public groups. You can share your strategies and tips in our message boards and forums. In this social networking site you can move your certified pool to our simple online format.

Security: Playing California lottery online is fun and safe. You will have one less worry of losing your lottery ticket since we secure your ticket is protected locker. Every ticket that you purchased legally belongs to you. It is safe and authorized website.

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"Ship My Ticket" service

We offer you exclusive “ship my ticket” service. If you want your tickets shipped to your home, just ask for it. We will send your tickets to your given address via express delivery and your good fortune ticket will be in your hands in just couple of days.

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